July 30, 2006

Much Maligned Le Corbusier Lives!

An artis, writer, teacher, architect and more importantly, a visionary, Le Corbusier has been one of the most prolific and yet at times, profoundly misunderstood genius of the Twentieth Century. He has been a source and a challange for many of us who practice architecture and urbanism.

His visions that were never fully realized and his ideas that were grossly misinterpreted by those who followed him have created urban blights that many of our large cities suffer from however, a closer look at Le Corbusier as an architect reveals his prfound sense of humanity and an extraordinary design sensibilty that simultaeously flatters and challanges our senses.

This review in the New York Times by Nicolai Ouroussoff discusses a small church he designed with a former student in the early 1960’s in France...


July 12, 2006


Is it possible to design architecture that disappears when 'life' takes over? Our cities are such collective constructs where individual acts of architectural singularities are absorbed into experiential totalities that remain whole inspite of fragmentary nature of their parts. Urbanity is not necessarily a moderated, unified field that remains unchanged through subsequent changes and passage of time.


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