May 21, 2010

On the town: 100 years of London nightlife posters go on show | Art and design |

London nights: By bus to the pictures tonight
The glamour of London's nightlife is celebrated in a series of posters currently on display at the
London Transport Museum. During the early 20th century, London Underground began commissioning posters designed to entice passengers onto its modern tube trains in the evenings. This blossomed into a distinctive strand of graphic design, charting the city's love of going to the theatre, concert halls and clubs. This selection from the museum's archive is on show until 26 May 2010, but here's a preview.

April 21, 2010

Pick Me Up

pick me up: Richard Sarson, Non, 2009
From paper cut proponent Rob Ryan to Richard Sarson's computer designs, affordable graphic art fair Pick Me Up is a great place to pick up new art

April 1, 2010

The urban age: how cities became our greatest design challenge yet

Cityscape of Lagos, Nigeria
Burgeoning ... not even national borders can slow the spread of Lagos in Nigeria. Photograph: David Levene"

March 28, 2010

The art of Bollywood | Film

bollywood: Movie poster for Zehreela Insaan, 1974

The Art of Bollywood is a lovingly curated tribute to the unique tradition of poster design, featuring artist biographies and a breakdown of their working methods

Masdar: Abu Dhabi's carbon-neutral city

Gateway terrace in Masdar City
Masdar City aims to be powered solely by renewable energy sources

The world's first zero-carbon city is being built in Abu Dhabi and is designed to be not only free of cars and skyscrapers but also powered by the sun.

The Associated Press: Japanese architects Sejima, Nishizawa win Pritzker

The Associated Press: Japanese architects Sejima, Nishizawa win Pritzker

January 23, 2010

Keeping it real: practical design at the Serpentine Gallery | Art and design |

Design Real: Chair. Air-Chair by Magis
From cutting-edge chairs to trendsetting tail lights, a new exhibition at London's Serpentine Gallery celebrates the beauty and pragmatism of everyday design. With the likes of Zaha Hadid and Issey Miyake exhibiting beside anonymous and corporate designers, the show highlights the most inspiring inventions of the last decade. Design Real runs until 7 February 2010. (Guardian)

Theo van Doesburg: Forgotten artist of the avant garde

detail of Simultaneous Counter-Composition 1929-30


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