May 16, 2011

Paris street art with a digital twist – in pictures | Travel |

Paris street art with a digital twist – in pictures | Travel |

Objection to Sea Link exit at Joggers' Park, Bandra Petition

I think a proper study for the whole Sea Link project should be made public and be allowed to be reviewed and studied by all concerned and the citizens of Mumbai. The project is going to affect and alter the estuary, sea-life, mangroves and the entire Bandra waterfront - it's Environmental Impact and State's heavy-handed/top-down planning that exclude the "public" should be of paramount concern to those who care for this city. -Viren

May 15, 2011

Change the Change

'Change' for a Change: The euphoria for Change could also be disastrous sometimes..... It's also important to know what not to change..... For example, India's insatiable hunger for 'speedy and fast growth' could sacrifice 'slow and sustainable' development in favor of speed and 'efficiency' replacing 'what is good and works' for what is much less and not inclusive. Efficiency is not neccesarrily sustainable in every case; on the other hand Slowness may allow for an inclusive dialogue amongst various factions of the society and let them have a voice in shaping their collective future ....


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