February 22, 2009

Credit Where Credits Are Due: The Past and Present (From NY Times)

Interesting and timely recap of Cinema Graphics from the past and present in NY-Times. Known and/or unknown unsung heroes/designers that created memorable title sequences for various films, through history go unacknowledged if not unnoticed. Here is a remarkable tribute.... -V.

Credit Where Credits Are Due: The Present

Credit Where Credits Are Due: The Present

It’s hard to imagine why these and the other exceptional title sequences have never been recognized by the Oscars. We would like to urge the academy to create this much-needed category. In the meantime, we’ve gone ahead and selected the title sequences that should have been nominated for 2008. During the nomination process, we happened upon an interesting trend: filmmakers, more and more, are plunging viewers right into the action and then ending with elaborate title sequences, which serve as epilogues or bonus tracks. Without further ado — or a badly scripted joke — our nominees for Best Achievement in Film Title Design:

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