February 21, 2009

After the Fall

No Downtime (or downturn) for Design
The current economic crisis, combined with environmental issues pose challenges as well as opportunities for designers. . Tied to the question is the issue of consumption. Faced with new realities and knowledge of the consequences of ignorance call for us to redefine or reinstate the role of design. Design as a response to necessity vs indulgence, or both, prompt us to look at use-patterns in a much wider context than what the 20th century consumerism did. There is a paradigm shift..... We as a consumer society have understood how to share our resources and exploit them selfishly. Time has come to also share risks; design must play a significant and responsible role for the collective good.

Recession should not mean regression.... progressive ideas come from the need to be frugal and inventive at the same time; to do more with less, is the challenge 21st century designers must embrace.

I.D. - After the Fall

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